Uptown Pokies Halloween Slots

Our Uptown Pokies platform is the best online casino that provides an exciting gaming experience. We are ready to offer our users a large number of different games on various topics, among which can be highlighted in Halloween-themed slots. Players will have an enjoyable time with Halloween’s horrific and spooky atmosphere.

At Uptown Pokies we’ve created a spellbinding selection of Halloween-themed games that will send chills down your spine. These games will amaze you with their terrifying gameplay and terrifying soundtracks that will not only give you a great time but also the feeling of a real Halloween party.

It is also worth mentioning that we provide bonuses that will make the game process much more interesting. Moreover, the bonuses will allow customers to increase their chances of winning. 

Halloween Slots at Uptown Pokies

Halloween slots on Uptown Pokies

Halloween Slots at Uptown Pokies

Our platform provides slot machines with many themes, including Halloween, which is especially popular during the fall holiday. We offer our users to spin the reels of our slot machines that will immerse them in a world of witches, ghosts, and pumpkin lanterns. Open up for users creepy soundtrack symbols and fascinating graphics.

Halloween slots review

Halloween Slots Uptown Pokies review

The following will detail the most popular Halloween slots, such as Voodoo Magic, Bubble Bubble 2, and Witch’s Brew. They differ from the classic slots in their perfection, interactivity, bonus features, etc.

Voodoo Magic

This slot is different even among other slots with a Halloween theme. This slot offers 13 pay lines that allow for a minimum bet of A$0.01 and a maximum bet of A$3.25 per spin. This slot also has wild symbols that will allow for a fixed jackpot. But the most significant difference is the bonus game which will enable you to make up to 25 free spins. This slot is truly terrifying and rewarding, it will enable each user to plunge into the atmosphere of Halloween, because the user finds himself in a slumbering forest, surrounded by various horrific paraphernalia such as voodoo dolls, skulls, snakes, masks, witches, etc.

Halloween Slots Voodoo Magic game at Uptown Pokies

Bubble Bubble 2

This terrifying slot will allow players to find themselves in a cemetery on a dark night. Despite the theme of Halloween slot is made colorful, and the soundtrack is 100% suitable cartoon graphics. In this slot, the user will find the reels depicting the following symbols: bats, owls, skulls, lights, black cats, etc. The excellent visual style, nice graphics, and appropriate soundtrack make the atmosphere of this slot exciting. This slot has 50 lines, allowing users to place minimum bets of A$0.5 and maximum bets of A$12.50. This slot also has a waltz in the form of witches and will enable you to get a multiplier of 3, and with good luck, the maximum multiplier can reach a value of 9. This slot also has bonus rounds which allow you to do free spins.

Bubble Bubble 2 at Uptown Pokies Australia

Witch’s Brew

This slot has 25 lines, but the user can change their number at will. This allows you to make the minimum bet of A$0.01, and the maximum of A$6.25. This slot has several wild symbols. For example, the symbol of the witch allows you to get a multiplier of 2, and the tooth of the dragon allows you to get to multiply your bet and get a variety of prizes. This slot will allow each user to feel like a witch, the reels contain symbols of various components for potions, the pit, and other witches’ paraphernalia.

Uptown Pokies AU Witch's Brew game overview

How to play Halloween online slots at Uptown Pokies?

Halloween Slots at Uptown Pokies - how to play


These slots on the theme of Halloween have a similar gameplay, so the user has to choose a slot depending on preferences for graphics, bet size, soundtrack, etc. In order to start playing the selected slot, the user has to find it in the search and run it.


Next, the user must adjust the bet, and to spin the reel, press the “Play” or “Spin” button.

How to play games at Uptown Pokies?

Halloween Slots games at Uptown Pokies

Playing any slots on our platform is very easy and simple. Therefore, the instructions below will help inexperienced users to launch and start playing a variety of themed slots:


Go to our official website;


Login to your account;


Go to the games section, depending on your preferences;


You can also search for a specific game;


Click on the game you are interested in;


Wait until the download is complete;


Adjust the number of lines;


Set the spin amount;


Press the special button to spin the reel.

Uptown Pokies Bonuses

Uptown Pokies bonuses

Our platform not only provides a high-quality gaming product, but it also gives users the opportunity to get various benefits and benefits through bonuses. We provide all users with bonuses, regardless of whether they are regular players or new users. Uptown Pokies bonuses are all different and everyone can find something they like. For example, users can take advantage of the following bonuses:

Welcome offerThis will give users a bonus right after registration, this bonus gives 6 promo codes, each of which will allow them to get bonus funds and free spins on deposit. Each promo code will give you 100% to 250% bonus funds depending on your deposit number, as well as 50 to 100 free spins.
First Deposit BonusThis bonus will allow you to receive A$146, 400% bonus funds, and 100 free spins. To use this bonus, you need to enter a unique promo code on the deposit, which you can find out on our official website.
Cashback 25%Users can also cash back 25 percent of the bets. You can find details in the description of the bonus.

How to sign up for Uptown Pokies?

Uptown Pokies AU how to sign up instruction

Creating an account on our gambling platform is very easy and simple. The process itself consists of 3 steps. If for some reason the player does not yet have an account, the instructions below will help him create it:


Go to our official website;


Click on the Register button;


Fill in the necessary data in Step 1;


Click “Next”;


Fill in all the information in Step 2;


Click Next;


Fill in all information in Step 3;


Finish your registration.

Immediately after the user creates an account, Uptown Pokies login will be done automatically.


  • Can I play other themed slots at the Uptown Pokies online casino?

    Yes, on our platform users can play not only Halloween slots but also space games, Egyptian games, and other games with different themes.

  • What if the Uptown Pokies game does not run?

    Users should contact support, which should solve the problem with the launch of the game.

  • What to do if I have lost my Internet connection during the game?

    Users should not perform any actions until the internet connection is restored. As soon as the Internet connection is stable, the user should refresh the page and continue to play.

  • What should I do if I cannot use an Uptown Pokies bonus in a particular game?

    The user should read the terms and conditions of the bonus and clarify which games qualify for the promotion and which do not.

  • Can I play games on Uptown Pokies for free?

    Yes, we offer a fan mode that allows you to get familiar with the slot. There is no wagering limit but no winnings will be counted.

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